BEM Bordeaux Management School offre une bourse d'excellence aux meilleurs étudiants postulant aux programmes MS et MSc


* The Philosophy :

BEM is committed to excellence, social responsibility and diversity. Therefore, BEM has decided to offer financial support to high-profile international students willing to come and study with us.

The BEM International Scholarships are available for applicants to all BEM Master degrees.

Amount : 4000 euros

When awarded, the scholarship is allocated at one time for the whole curriculum in the form of a reduction in tuition fees. L'attribution de l'International Scholarship ne dispense pas de verser l'acompte sur frais de scolarité nécessaire pour l'admission définitive à BEM.

Report possible à n+1.

* Who can apply ?

International candidates (non-French) applying as a regular degree-seeking student to one of BEM's Master Programmes.

Candidates holding an international Bachelor Degree.

Non-qualifying situations :

  • Students "founded" by the company which they work for in the frame of their studies at BEM (programmes alternating studies and work perods)
  • Wine and Spirits MBA candidates (see the webpage and dedicated financial supports /lien/).
  • The applicants accessing the Msc in Management through another channel than BEM'IN
  • Exchange students

* Criteria :

  • Mérit-based : strong academic background.
  • Excellent GMAT (or GRE) score.
  • Excellent GPA.
  • Be admitted to one of BEM's programmes

* How to apply ?

  • Download the scholarship application form /lien/
  • Attach the scholarship application and all relevant materials to your BEM application (GMAT or GRE score + university transcripts) and send it to the Programme of your choice
  • If you are admitted at BEM, the School will pass on your file to the scholarship committee

Please not that you don't need to get in touch with the committee separately. The School will handle this procedure internally.

* When to apply ? :

BEM starts receiving applications from 12 months before the due start of studies

Application deadline : May the 31st

Committees Reviews :

- End of March

- End of May

- End of June


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